20 Quotes about Cut Off People


20 Quotes about Cut Off People

Cutting someone off doesn’t always mean you hate them.

It simply means you respect yourself enough

to stop tolerating their disrespect.


I’m so protective of me now

I’ll cut someone off for simply having the wrong energy.


Since I cut off certain people

there is no hate in my heart.


When you cut off someone from your life,

they will never tell people the full story.

They will only tell them the part

that makes you look bad and them innocent.


Cutting people off doesn’t have limits.

Family can get cut off too if they’re causing stress.

Eliminate any negativity from your circle.


Certain people you have to cut off; it’s nothing personal.

Their part in your story in over and you have to move on.


Since I cut off certain people,

There is no hate in my heart.


If I cut you off,

it’s because you handed me the scissors.


Sometimes you’ve got to cut people off

if they don’t respect the boundaries you draw.


Some things don’t need to be cut back.

They need to be cut off.


I’m slowly cutting people off

and they don’t even know it.


Nothing can give you more calmness

but by cutting off wrong people.


Don’t feel guilty for prioritizing your mental health.

Sometimes cutting off toxic people is necessary for your own well-being.


Cut of the dead ends for growth

and I’m not just talking about your hair.


Cutting people off is a powerful act of self-love.

It’s saying that you’re worth more than the way they’re treating you.


I deserve better than your negativity,

so cutting you off is the best decision.


Don’t react.

Cut them off silently.


There is no better self-care

than cutting off people who are toxic for you.


Cutting someone completely off from your life

is sometimes necessary for your peace.

Don’t feel guilty about it.


Just because certain people are blood relatives,

doesn’t mean they’re family.

Just take a deep breath and choose wisely who you cut off.


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