30 Quotes Bahasa Inggris tentang Pelajaran Hidup

30 Quotes Bahasa Inggris tentang Pelajaran Hidup

Don’t let excitement make you announce things too early.

Be silent until you’re sure,

and even when you’re sure,

don’t give too much away.


People don’t care how you’re doing anymore.

They’re worried

how you doing compared to them.


The more you heal,

the more comfortable you are

with being the villain in the story of people

who don’t want to do the work to heal themselves.


They lost interest.

You noticed.

But decided to try and keep making them happy

so they’d stay a little longer.

Don’t do that, it’s only gonna delay the pain.



I don’t want to rebuild bonds that I didn’t break.

You crossed the line, I didn’t, so I’m good.


Life has made me so quiet.

I just want to listen, no more talking, no more arguing,

no more explaining, just silence.


Every year teaches us two things:

No one is permanent.

Life has to move on.



the most important people in your life

can become total strangers overnight.

Fortunately, total strangers

can become the most important people in your life overnight.

This process hurts, but if accepted,

it serves to improve the quality of people in your life.


When you lose an emotional attachment to someone,

you realize how ordinary the are.

It’s your love and your energy

that makes people seem so special.


Stay away from people who have benefited from you


act like you have never given them anything.


Cutting hurtful people off

and letting them live with whatever delusional story suits them best

is top-tier-self-care.


Some people enter your life

only to help show you that

you need to set boundaries.

That’s their entire purpose.


Learn to be okay with people not knowing your side of the story.

You have nothing to prove to anyone.


First rule of family gatherings,

always bring your own vehicle

so you can leave when you want.


Some disconnections are a blessing.


Don’t let the people who do so little for you,

control so much of your feelings and emotions.


Not everyone looking at you is admiring you.

Some are amazed that you survived the traps they set for you.


When you cut off someone from your life,

they will never tell people the full story.

They will only tell them

the part that makes you look bad and them innocent.


The older I get,

the leess I feel the need

to be included, understood, or accepted.


Stop making yourself easily available

for people who never prioritize you.


Most of the enemies you have

are people you once helped in life.


The less people you chill with,

the less problems you deal with.


Stay away from people who only see things from their perspective


fail to understand the feelings and thoughts of others.


Stop being the one who always makes efforts.

Relax and let the ship sink.


Isn’t it funny how much time we invest in one person

only to end up strangers again.


A friend who becomes an enemy after a little misunderstanding

has been an enemy all along.

They were just pretending.


I used to tolerate a lot because I didn’t want to lose people.

Now I establish boundaries because I don’t want to lose myself.


Maturity is when you stop asking people

why don’t you text me or call me anymore.

You just notice the change and accept it, no drama, no fights.

You just walk away with a smile.


Have you ever noticed that

Sometimes when you stop making efforts,

a relationship or friendship ends?

It is because it was never two-sided,

it was just you, alone.


According to psychology,

at a certain age, you simply stop believing people.

You simply smile when they promise or lie.

You just have to wait for them

to show off their true colors and prove you right.


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